Nikon D7000 first impressions

Seeds of change

Do the impressive specifications of the Nikon D7000 translate into impressive image quality? My initial impressions are very positive. Dynamic range is improved over previous Nikon consumer bodies. Noise is exceptionally well controlled for a camera with an APS-C sensor. This is especially apparent in the shadows, which are remarkably clean and full of detail. ISO 1600 is eminently usable, with images retaining good detail and color accuracy/saturation. The new 39 point focus system is a welcome improvement for those of us who frequently operate in single-point mode. Metering seems more consistent than the D80/D90. The camera feels solid in one’s hand, yet also familiar. If you’ve used a D80/D90 in the past, the D7000 will feel like an old friend. First time Nikon shooters will be pleased with the mostly excellent ergonomics and robust build quality. Overall, the Nikon D7000 is shaping up to be a very fine camera. It’s also something of a bargain, considering it’s extremely high image quality, solid feature set and sturdy construction.

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