From the archives: What’s old is new

Woodland Phlox

Phlox divaricata laphamii, commonly known as Woodland Phlox, photographed way back in 2007. This image was made with a 6MP(!) DSLR and a kit zoom, recorded as a jpeg. I’ve been reprocessing a few older files now and then, curious to see what Lightroom 4 could do with them. Obviously I would have preferred to have a RAW file to work with, but a jpeg will have to do in this particular case. This was a rather early point in my photographic journey, but I feel it was one of my better efforts at the time.

The excursion planned for this week has been postponed till next week, assuming decent weather conditions(which is not the same thing as warm and sunny where photography is concerned, but that’s another discussion). My destination is the Nachusa Grasslands, a 3000+ acre Nature Conservancy prairie restoration project in Northwestern Illinois.

I’ll be posting more of these older images from time to time. I find it interesting and educational to revisit older work, to see how I’ve progressed. Perhaps you’ll find it informative as well.

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Woodland Phlox

P.S. – Yesterday I inadvertently posted an unfinished draft I had been working on, regarding songbirds. If you saw this post yesterday, and now it’s gone, you weren’t imagining things. No need to schedule extensive medical tests. My apologies for the confusion. I must have had an itchy trigger finger.

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