From the archives, vol. 3: “How’d you get the moose to pose for you?”

Not a Moose

Captured in May of 2007 with a Pentax 6MP camera, and 55-200mm zoom. No, it’s not a Moose, though someone did in fact ask me how I got the “Moose” to pose for me.

Not the best technical quality of course, but I do rather like the lighting and composition. The light accentuates the coat, muscle and facial features of the young white-tailed deer, and the shadows and winding path create a sense of mystery – what other surprises await around the next bend? To be perfectly honest, this was merely a case of being in the right place at the right time. I’ve since learned that relying on luck to photograph wildlife is a losing proposition. If you wish to have a chance at capturing successful wildlife images, you must know your subject – it’s behavior, it’s habitat, it’s feeding patterns, and so on. You must learn how to approach animals. I’ve found that avoiding eye contact and moving slowly, in an indirect pattern can be helpful. If you appear to be fixated on the animal, it may assume you have more sinister intentions than merely capturing an image. Here’s another trick that seems to work, crazy as it may sound – pretend to be foraging for food. Look at ground, reach down, scratch at the dirt, pretend to eat. I’ve tried it, and on several occasions it’s allowed me to get closer to wildlife. Sure, you might look silly, but the “moose” won’t care.

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Not a Moose

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