“Madness, as you know, is like gravity… all it takes is a little push”

Tomorrow I’ll return to normal posting, but today is not a day for images or gear talk.

I live hundreds of miles from the tragedy that took place early this morning in Aurora, Colorado. Yet I can’t help but feel it’s impact. Every second of every day our lives are at risk. It’s days like today that we’re reminded of this fact. I learned long ago to not try to make sense of these events, because there are no answers to be found, except those locked away in the mind of the alleged shooter. “Motivation” is a complicated matter, and even those of us with a remaining shred or two of sanity often have a hard time explaining why we act as we do. Looking for simple explanations where the human mind is concerned is a fool’s errand.

What can we do? We can try to not let those around us fall through the cracks. We can reach out to those who are hurting, desperate, troubled, before they reach their breaking point. That is our ethical obligation as a caring, civilized society, assuming that’s what we still wish to be. Even then, events such as these can never be fully prevented. When they inevitably occur, all we can do is act with compassion and empathy for the victims, even if we’re not directly affected by the tragedy… because the truth is, it could be any of us, at any time.

My thoughts are with all people affected by this horrific act.
Bless you. Be safe.

UPDATE: If you’re able, you can make a donation to the Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance. Thank you.

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