New members of the family

New members of the family - Nikkor 24mm NC

Thanks to KEH and ebay, I’ve put together a nice little three lens kit for my Sony NEX-5n…

Along with the Nikkor-N.C Auto 24mm f/2.8 pictured above, I’ve also added the Nikkor-H.C Auto 50mm f/2…

New members of the family - 50mm f/2 HC

… and the Nikkor-Q Auto 135mm f/3.5

New members of the family - 135mm f/3.5 Q

Total cost, approximately $225. All three of these vintage lenses from the 1960s/70s are quite good optically, and render images in that classic Nikkor style. Don’t ask me to describe what that means – it’s just one of those things that you know when you see it. I wanted to put together a high quality yet inexpensive kit that would allow me to create images with a distinctive look, and I’m hoping that’s what I’ve accomplished. I also picked up various Nikon extension tubes for close-up work. I’ll be adding sample images just as soon as my Nikon F to Sony E adapter arrives.

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