These are interghangeable LENS cameras, right?

Sony just announced the NEX-5R. It’s essentially an NEX-5n with Wi-Fi capability(upload images to facebook, etc), the ability to download photo apps to add features to your camera(known as PlayMemories Camera Apps), and hybrid AF(phase detection pixels on the sensor for better continuous autofocus). Other changes include the addition of a control dial, and a programmable fn button. The 16MP sensor is apparently new as well.

The Wi-Fi capability and downloadable apps are potentially interesting – probably more so to others than to me. The hybrid AF system is quite welcome, assuming it works better than Canon’s version. Nikon’s hybrid AF system remains the benchmark. From what I’ve read so far, Sony’s implementation is a bit different than on the Nikon 1 series cameras, where the hybrid AF works quite seamlessly.

What’s most striking about this release is that there are now five NEX stills cameras in the lineup, with another to be announced in a couple of weeks – yet there are only seven Sony e-mount lenses available. All but two of those seven lenses are average, at best. Meanwhile, each of the cameras is capable of outstanding image quality. Something is out of whack here. Three more lenses are on the way for Photokina, but frankly, they’re lenses that should have been released at least a year ago. Sony is still in the process of giving us basic, bread and butter lenses of the consumer variety. We’re still waiting – not counting the pricey Zeiss-branded 24mm – for lenses that would be of interest to the enthusiast. Meanwhile, the m4/3 system continues to grow by leaps and bounds. You’re missing the boat, Sony. It’s a shame too, because despite their quirky UI, the NEX cameras are awfully good.

In other news, my apologies for the lack of fresh images on this blog. I’m taking a little break, while gearing up for the big fall season, during which I hope to be shooting like the proverbial madman. With any luck, it’ll be worth the wait.

Thanks for following along.


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