Asleep at the wheel, or intentionally driving in the wrong lane?

I’ve spoken several times about Nikon’s mishandling of their DX lens lineup. For an even more in-depth view of the situation, I suggest visiting Thom Hogan’s site, byThom. All month long Thom will be addressing the current state of the Nikon DX lineup. If you own a Nikon DX camera, or are considering purchasing one anytime soon, this is must-read material. Begin with Thom’s State of DX in 2012 article, and then move on to the more recent articles which can be found on the front page of the site. You might also want to take Thom’s DX lens survey.

According to Thom, one of the early conclusions from this survey is that Olympus and Panasonic seem to be getting it almost exactly right, in terms of the lenses they’re producing for m4/3. The curious thing is, it’s not really difficult to figure out which lenses would be of interest to enthusiasts. This begs the question, is Nikon really that incompetent in understanding what people need, or are they intentionally trying to push consumers in a different direction? As I’ve mentioned before, I strongly believe it’s the latter. I believe that’s why we got the FX D600 before the D300s or D7000 replacements. It seems that Nikon is clearly trying to push users of those cameras – at least the “enthusiast” shooter – up to FX. To me this is a very “customer unfriendly” way of doing business. Nikon is showing little regard for the very people who helped them build their reputation.

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