Roaring back with a vengeance

Roaring back with a vengeance

First of all, try to pretend that the Amur Tiger is roaring, rather than yawning. Secondly, I’m back!

I think…

The hard drive has been replaced, the operating system and programs installed, and all seems to be functioning normally at this point. Better than normally, since I’ve only installed the bare minimum, and any and all previous “bloatware” that initially shipped with the computer got tossed with the old hard drive. I’m now running what is alleged to be a fairly bullet-proof Western Digital hard drive, designed with image editing in mind. Fingers crossed that it’ll all hold together for a good long while.

A very special thank you to the folks at Nik Software, which is now part of Google. I needed to contact them in order to re-install my Nik pluggins, and they responded almost immediately. Now that’s how customer service is supposed to work.

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