Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

My thankful list…

1) friends and loved ones
2) wild, weird, ferocious, beautiful nature
3) music, film and art in general that challenges, enlightens, enriches and inspires
4) reasonably good health, for me, and those close to me

Mostly I’m thankful for yet another year on this big blue marble. As we grow older, we can begin to take certain things for granted… so stop and look around. I mean really look around. The world is a wondrous place. That wonder can get lost sometimes in the daily grind, the hustle and bustle, the petty bickering, blaring car horns, the tragic news stories… but it’s there, always, if we take the time to look for it. So take some time to embrace the wonders all around us.

Oh yeah, and I’m thankful for everyone who follows this blog. There wouldn’t be much point to any of this, were no one paying attention. So thank you.

Have a safe, wonderful holiday.

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