Going home, the long way ’round

Going home, the long way 'round

I’ve come to think of life as a journey home. Not literally of course, although sometimes it works out that way. I mean “home” in a more figurative sense, as in finding one’s place in the world. Some folks never seem to find their way home. For them we say a prayer, because such a life can be hard and cold… even more so than usual. Others find their way home early in life. I was tempted to call them the lucky ones, though I’m not so sure. Perhaps to truly appreciate the life you’re meant to live, you’ve got to first stumble along a few wrong paths – the lows often make the highs that much sweeter. Still others find their way home, but not until later in life. Hopefully that describes my journey. I seem to be getting closer, and yet there’s still so far to travel. Will I make it home before night falls? Your guess is as good as mine. I’ll keep chuggin’ away though, wandering through the woods till I find that golden shaft of light leading me to where I’m meant to be.

Happy New year. May all your journeys be safe in 2014, and beyond. Thank you, as always, for following along.


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