2014-02-10 Ice Station Zebra

2014-02-10 Ice Station ZebraChicago, through the window of a speeding car. Yes, it’s as cold as it looks.

When my dad asked if I’d like to tag along with him to the 2014 Chicago Auto Show, I jumped at the chance. The thermometer was hovering near the 10°F mark, but no matter – I’d been cooped up inside too long. I packed up my camera for some fun, “non-serious” shooting, and headed out for an adventure of the urban kind…

Truth be told, I wanted to see Lake Michigan more than I wanted to see the cars. There hasn’t been this much ice on the lake in over two decades. In fact, we’re nearing an all-time record…

2014-02-10 Ice Station ZebraFrom an observation deck at the McCormick Place Convention Center, looking northeast. You can see lighthouses in the distance. It’s the only clue that you’re looking at the fifth largest lake in the world.

2014-02-10 Ice Station ZebraLooking straight east now. You can see a tiny strip of open water. I’m not entirely sure about that structure in the distance. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable can fill me in.

2014-02-10 Ice Station ZebraNow looking southeast. The very definition of desolation. All that should be water. Most of it is now snow-covered ice.

Oh yes, there were also cars…

2014-02-10 Ice Station Zebra

2014-02-10 Ice Station ZebraBreak out the gold medallions and chest hair, it’s the new Corvette Z06.

2014-02-10 Ice Station Zebra

2014-02-10 Ice Station ZebraThe heart of the beast, the legendary LT1 V-8. As an environmentalist I’m appalled, as an American male… well, I think I just felt a tingle. Life is complicated.

2014-02-10 Ice Station ZebraNotice how the “great unwashed masses” were not allowed anywhere near the various Ferraris, Bentlys, Aston Martins, Lamborghinis, etc. Check out the guy in the suit giving me the stink-eye – I’m not even good enough to photograph a Ferrari, apparently.

2014-02-10 Ice Station ZebraKudos to Porsche, who actually allows us common folk the pleasure of sitting in their cars, even if we’re unlikely to ever be able to afford one.

2014-02-10 Ice Station ZebraSame goes to Jaguar, though this lovely F-Type coupe was off-limits. At least there wasn’t a guy in a suit giving me an inferiority complex.

2014-02-10 Ice Station ZebraMy personal favorite, the Volkswagen Golf R – powerful turbocharged four-cylinder engine, all-wheel drive, great handling, decent gas mileage, and the practicality of a hatchback. It’s the Swiss army knife of sports cars – it does it all.

2014-02-10 Ice Station ZebraMy dad’s in the market for a mid-size sedan. This was my favorite, the Mazda 6. He favors the Hyundai Sonata. Hey, why start agreeing on stuff at this late date?

And that was that. Time for the chilly drive home…

2014-02-10 Ice Station Zebra

2014-02-10 Ice Station Zebra

2014-02-10 Ice Station Zebra

2014-02-10 Ice Station Zebra

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